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G was for Gambling. Went with £40, left with £44, so we did pretty well. But, I had £10 and I left with £15, so I did even better. I turned out to be pretty lucky at blackjack where we played mostly on our own table, but roulette freaked me out- the amount of money going down the hole each time! We saw someone leave with over £600 in cash when we were queuing up to collect our £44… Let’s hope he got a taxi home.It was strange the number of people who appeared to be there alone, and so serious. I guess it’s a productive way to spend an evening but just seemed pretty lonely. It made me realise I do definitely prefer the company of children to adults sometimes, or at least, those kind of adults. Because they giggle, and question, and express their emotions, and they’re learning about the world every day; not pretending they know everything already!

The first dealer we had was really nice, very friendly and helpful. The others not so much. I kept forgetting you can’t pass anything directly to the dealer, you have to put it on the table then they take it. Such a weird world. It felt like a spell had broken when we stepped outside to go to the car because you’re so immersed in it, then you realise all it was. I wanted to leave once I’d made £27 from my £10 but we hadn’t been there that long. I was given a £25 chip that I just wanted to keep in my pocket till the end but I was forced by somebody to split it back into £1 chips- grrr. It was quite erm.. stressful atmosphere in there, all that money. I don’t think it fostered good energy between Boyfriend and I. But I had a good time, I just wanted to see what it was like! And I had an hour long journey home to get over my loss :D


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