4 Ideas for the Future

I’ve been messing around with my tablet recently, downloading apps and seeing how useful it could be for me- with the move to University in September in mind as well. Anyway, I stumbled across a major tech blog which had some real gems, amongst the jargon. Here goes;

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You rename your wifi network to a specific url. A neighbour can go to that url and send you a message, without your identity being revealed. So, they could ask to borrow your internet while theirs is down, and offer you a bottle of wine in return. Or, you could agree share an internet plan and split the cost. Coming from someone who lives in flat, and never physically sees their neighbours this sounds like a great idea to maybe get some community spirit flowing.



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This looks like the future. You mount a device on the wall with the app running, and whenever you walk up to it purposefully, it recognises that you have something to say and it starts recording. This message is then sent to whoever is on your family list and they can instantly reply. The kids can show off their paintings, or a handstand. You do have to dedicate a whole device just to be stuck on the wall though! But it’s a great start.


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This lets cinema fill seats, when they’d otherwise be empty because everyone knows the cinema is way too expensive. It’s a sign of things to come- when cinema’s will charge less the further away from release date it is. I hope. Exclusive to parts of the US at the moment.



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You box up whatever you want to store, from a small box to a truckload and they’ll take it away from only $3 a month. Then another day, when you want it back, you use the app to look at the photographed and tagged boxes and select which ones you want returned. Christmas decorations, spare bedding for guests, summer clothes, camping gear. If you decide you don’t want them, they can be directly handed over to be sold on ebay, or donated to charity. Currently only in San Francisco, but here’s hoping!



What glimpses of the future have you found?


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