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F was for either Freelance Journalism- the fruits of which you can read here; The Big Mini Adventure. Or, it was for Fail Baking. This was vaguely Valentine’s day related, as we were using a heart shaped cupcake mould. This turned out to be the crux of the problem. The cupcakes wouldn’t come out. They tasted awesome but were structurally unsound. Meaning that I had to put the remaining mix into a normal muffin tin, which came out very easily. The other reason it was a fail was because Boyfriend left while they were still in the oven, to go pick up his mum for dinner so the latter half of the baking wasn’t even done together. I think the icing on these was a bit too much. Read more about my thoughts on baking here. (As a matter of fact, I baked ‘vanilla wafers’ today. They’re great.)

P1010139 P1010140 P1010141 P1010142 P1010143


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