Terrible Twos

I want to cook, but I don’t want to eat the results. Or else, I want to try a sample or a slice and then let others enjoy it; I want to share it. The person who lives with me, Boyfriend, isn’t interested in sweet baked things, and at the moment I work alone and I don’t have any class mates. I want to make macaroons, fail miserably the first time but then kind of crack it the second time around. I want bake bread- foccacia, and bread rolls. I want to make pull apart lemon bread that’s really more of a cake. I want to make the cupcakes I made the other day but not end up eating 4 of the 7 within 2 days. I want to make biscuits and lemon bars and flapjacks and fruit crumble and pancakes. Oh well. There will come a time.

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