Not Yet.

Inspired by posts such as this; ‘what pregnancy has done to my body’, and ‘25 ways you know you’re a parent‘ I am taking this time to appreciate NOT yet being a mum. Apart from when I’m at work. And even then, the youngest just turned 5 so they’re so old that I could probably just let them drive themselves home, they’d be fine.

  1. I appreciate that my body is mine, shared only with one respectful adult. 
  2. I only have to look after 1 person, and he IS actually capable of picking up after himself, even if he usually doesn’t.
  3. I have a rough idea what to expect of the day ahead when I wake up in the morning.
  4. My hormones are all over the place, but in a manageable kinda easygoing way.
  5. I can lock the bathroom door, or even not lock it, because no one is here to walk in on me.
  6. I don’t drink coffee but if I wanted to I COULD.
  7. Same applies for alcohol.
  8. and drugs
  9. same does not apply for blue cheese though cos I ain’t never eating that shit.
  10. There are no toys in my house. There is one colouring book and one board game, and one plastic polar bear.
  11. I can sit here, and type this.
  12. My boobs stay roughly the same size each day, not inflated or for that matter deflated.
  13. My hair is the same slightly annoying thin straight long browness. It doesn’t get all thick and luscious and then one day completely devastate me by falling out.
  14. No one throws up on me

I will attempt to appreciate my body how it is right now before it gets erm.. changed by carrying a human being inside. But, equally, I can’t wait to meet them. And see their funny ears.

However, on a side note, many of the things mentioned in those posts are actually already in my life.

  • I can’t sleep past 6am, due to him going to work. No matter how many pillows I put over my head.
  • A trip to Ikea would probably be a date, but I do really love Ikea (that’s number 16).
  • I already have to worry about headlice.
  • At work, I am frequently manhandled, or kidhandled, no part of me is off limits now that I’ve known them 6 months.
  • I am frequently asked to carry someone (albeit it is in words, rather than by hysterical crying).
  • Someone is always conversing with me while I pee
  • I’ve been peed on three times in the last month, twice at the nursery where I help out and once by my niece. I wasn’t bothered.

And I’m about to start training as a children’s nurse so the bodily fluids may well be worse than being a mum. I’ll let you know.


  1. I am honoured to have inspired a post and one that deals with self-appreciation at that. I think it’s wonderful to savour your present, appreciate your freedom and sense of independence and not take it for granted as we usually do. Thanks for letting me know about this post, it makes me really happy!

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