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Today I read some more great blog posts on It made me think, again, about the way I interact with the kids I work with. Particularly at this moment about playing hide and seek. I think this is because its representative of my occasional attitude.

It’s so much easier for me to get them to play hide and seek with themselves. I can do some tidying, or make dinner, or just sit on the sofa. But honestly? Who wants to play a game about finding people when there’s only one other person to find! That’s the point- it’s ‘easier’, and not only that; it’s easier for ME. That’s not what I’m there for. I care about these kids, and I want them to be happy.They smile their heads off when I play with them- I don’t think many adults they know play ‘kid games’- so that’s where I can be the difference.

All the things they ask for repeatedly, I will try. Say yes to the playground, if only to show them that it really is too cold and wet- but let them make that decision, even if I get cold toes. Say yes to letting them drink the juicebox in my car that I was secretly hoping to keep for myself. Say yes to undressing the elder girl whilst she giggles and pretends to struggle because that’s what she likes, even though it takes longer and is noisy. And for that matter, say yes to letting the youngest undress herself, even though that takes longer too! 

I’m going to try to give these kids a little more joy each afternoon. 

I’m not beating myself up about it- I do play around with them, but you can always do more! 

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