The Alphabet Project

This idea came from a book I bought for 50p as I found myself 2 hours early for something by mistake. The book centres around the idea that a couple take turns each week to pick an activity starting with the correct letter. So, week 1 was A for Abseiling. As the two characters were both scared of heights, I took this to mean it was supposed to be things you wouldn’t normally do.

I instituted this idea in our lives starting last September just after we moved in together. We decided to do one a month, instead of one per week- in an attempt to make sure we stick to it!

Here’s a quick roundup of what we’ve got up to;

A for Art. Starting off relatively small. We drew things with our left hands, with our eyes closed, and in 30 seconds. We made silhouettes of each other using crafty angling of the overhead lights in the spare room. The hard part was trying to remain in exactly the same place without laughing or swaying! I’d love to do this again using a torch, taking a photo then cutting it out.

B for Bloody Expensive B+B. We had a lovely night in a hotel in a castle just over an hour from where we live. It was beautiful, and lavish. We went for a walk over the acres of grounds including huge lakes, giving us lots of chances to imagine we were walking through our own grounds in Ontario. It was like being a fairytale. We then went to the bar for drinks, then ordered room service from their 24/7 kitchen.

C was for Castleford, where we went skiing indoors. This was really fun, but pretty cold as neither of us was wearing correct skiing gear. We attempted synchronised skiing, races, uni-skiing and going backwards. Zero falls occurred  However, I probably looked like a knob but I was simply embracing the chance to be on skiis!

Even though D was in December we agreed to do D for Drive (hiring some kind of expensive and evil car) but we might have changed our minds. I wanted to do D for Donate blood but that hasn’t happened yet either, and it was his choice.

Anyway, E is mine and I’m still looking for inspiration. E for Eating? E for .. Ectoplasm?


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