• I started volunteering at the Peter Pan Nursery. It’s amazing. Children aged 1-5. I have my favourites
  • Celebrated fireworks night at his Grandma’s in Sheffield. His uncle put a firework in the bonfire, which was alarming.
  • Boyfriend got glasses! The prescription I had when I was about 8..
  • I got an interview at Leeds and York (and later, Bradford)
  • I went to London to celebrate Bella’s birthday. It was so nice. Breakfast at 3pm! Was strange to be home. I got there at 5pm, and my parents went out to dinner. I went to pizza express with Nico, and we discussed his upcoming A Level decision! Please don’t do double maths. Or physics.
  • Boyfriend moved store, and is doing really well
  • I registered on the bone marrow donor list. Still campaigning for him to donate blood though!

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