Child Nursing Interviews

Before I forget; 

Leeds; The focus was them trying to persuade us to go there! Only child nursing applicants. Talk about the course,  group interview, numeracy test, q+a with a student, talk from a community nurse. 

The group interview was pretty easy. Groups of 4. Ice breaker- introduce another person. Mind map 4 questions; what skills do you need? how do patients communicate their needs? what qualities do you need to have? what experiences have you had to help you with these things? fairly informal. present a section back each. 

Numeracy test; half an hour, on a computer, questions randomly chosen from a bank, paper for working out. 

All the interviewers/lecturers seemed very friendly. And they were very convincing! 

York; More formal. All fields of nursing applicants. Very short talk, group exercise (if your plane crashed and you had these things, how would you rank them in importance?), campus tour with a student (freezing cold), then left in a room and called out one by one for individual interviews. This was a little unnecessarily nerve-wracking! Then free to go, no numeracy. 

Individual interview; two women- one relevant to the field. Why do you want to be a nurse? What skills do you need, and do you have them? When have you had to use perseverance? 

Bradford– Didn’t go but I’ve been told that it’s a group exercise. Then, everyone has a question under their chair and they read it out, then everyone discusses it. 

Will add Hull, and Sheffield Hallam when I go. 

25/01/13- Sheffield Hallam- short lecture about the course, split into fields for a group task. This was strange, had to make a ‘sculpture’ on the ‘theme of nursing’ out of tin foil in a group of 5, and we weren’t allowed to sit down. Shown a short scenario clip. Sent downstairs to the cafe to wait to be called back up for individual interview. For me this went really well, as they weren’t trying to be ‘neutral’ and actually seemed interested in what I had to say. Asked questions off a laminated sheet, fairly normal. Then free to go. 

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