Maple Land

So. It’s early stages. I’d say this whole thing started when He went to his friend’s kit house back in April, and saw how awesome it was. Combined with wanting to buy land to build on- but the prices in the UK being insane. And not being insane over there- as his dad said. And him not following the forces route- so free to go. So the idea took hold.

Now, it’s getting pretty serious. One plot he’s really interested in (40 acres, additional 40 possible) is back up for sale. His dad is keen, but so is his mum interestingly! I don’t know how I feel. But I’m not being asked to commit money, at this stage.

When I think about it, I imagine just us, the kids, permanently on holiday in our lovely custom house. But in practice, we’d both want and need to work- and the kids would go to school, and grow up. Would they want to live there? No teenager wants to live in a small town, let alone in some forest, surely? Even if it is beautiful, and cheap, and off-grid, and huge. And what about the wild animals! And also I know for a fact my parents would be really upset by it. Which might be irrational- but I know how they’d see it. Permanent grandparent rivalry, which his parents would win by geography. I want to continue child nursing- and I don’t even know if they have the child specific branch over there- let alone if I’d be able to continue. But maybe Roots of Empathy would be enough? I would love that.

On the other hand, it’s a big adventure. It would be awesome to design what we want. That huge storage room, perfectly organised, that I have been promised! Not having to keep the flat exactly as it was given to us because we’re only renting. It feels like it opens up so many possible schemes- because if you don’t know you can’t do something, (as we know for certain over here as we know the system) then you just try and do it! Children’s summer camp, after school programme, getting my siblings to live there. Storage facility, car renovations, owning a plane and being a bush pilot!

It’s hard to separate the perfect mythical ’future’ from this specific venture though. What’s dreamed up, and what would it actually be like?

I’m trying to remember what I wanted from my life before him, but things were so different. I know I wanted children, and solid relationship. And to be happy. I wanted to help, to do something medical, to volunteer, to perhaps play a part in education, to create things. What did my education tell me I couldn’t do, as I had to force myself onto one path? What can I bring back- as now I know that lives are not one path, but many- all interwoven? I don’t think I’m leaving anything out, cutting anything off.

I do love maple syrup though. And huge shopping centres, where cereal is sold by weight and it has everything from quinoa to prams. And after all, he did think I had a Canadian accent when we met.



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