By Chance

so we’ve spent an awesome week together with my family in the south of France. we sunbathed, played cards agressively, read books, swam, wandered and ate.

next week we move in! he’s gone home but i’m here for another 4.5 days. He’s getting onto the home contents insurance, and the things we need for the car for our road trip round Europe.

We bought some cushions for our sofa which we found by chance; and when we went out to lunch on Sunday we fell in love with an antique suitcase we saw at a vintage market- we bought it!

So things still to do include trips to; ikea, tiger, primark and homebase.

he has big plans for a clothes peg sculpture next to his bonsai. we also have plans for a pegged clothes line of photographs. the bathroom is currently tin and glass, navy and white. our bedroom is white, and pale colours. the sitting room is black and cream.

hope it all works out! it’s very exciting. leaving home. don’t think the parents have quite grasped the reality!


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