Things I’ve Learnt This Year #3

Things I’ve Learnt This Year Number 3

After School Club

  • Anger in children can be sudden, and all-consuming, and painful
  • I could do this as a job. I hope I don’t regret leaving London.
  • I love being with children, all day long.
  • the parents often don’t accept second-hand furniture, no matter if the quality is ten times better than the flat-pack stuff they can buy themselves
  • on a mini bus the gearstick is up near the dashboard
  • the same organisational daily meeting can be completely different depending on the amount of respect the person running it has
  • never say ‘your mum is here’ cos it often isn’t their mum
  • ‘play fighting turns to real fighting’
  • drumming in rhythm with others is very exciting for a child, and therapeutic for anybody
  • when a child is hanging off you, let go as soon as you can- you don’t want to be supporting their weight in case they slip off! and sometimes others don’t realise when it turns from them supporting a child from falling, to them restraining the child from walking away.
  • the tiniest thing can cause a huge response; not being able to work on their skateboard that day, or not being able to have a slice of toast.
  • all kids know everything- rumours fly.
  • a kid may be swearing at you, but that might be a better reaction than other people get.
  • always offer to help- people often will not ask, but would love your assistance
  • it’s honed my judgement of a situation; when a child is really very angry, or can be distracted out of it
  • kids love being read to
  • incompetent, middle aged, self-obsessed women piss me off. why are there so many- and scarily, why are they on their way to getting jobs with this company?!
  • I can be an example of something different. I always say that I like everyone, I smile, I don’t dumb down my vocabulary, I get excited, I try things.

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