Things I’ve Learnt This Year #2

Things I’ve Learnt This Year Number 2 


  • I can look after kids, all day every day for 5 days, but you don’t realise you’re tired until you get into your bedroom. Then you need a hug, because you feel like a kid yourself.
  • Vegetables make you feel so much better, I don’t want to be without any for so long again. 
  • I fell in love with two little boys, Alfie and Dylan. Alfie ran to hug me goodnight, ran to the doorway, turned, saluted and ran to his bedroom. My heart melted. He would ask me ‘Am I the adorablest?’ every morning. Dylan held my hand, when no one was looking. When away from his twin he was funny and happy, and at the beach made an elaborate show of mourning his pet rock who apparently died. I miss them both. 
  • The most disconcerting thing was that so many of the children were just.. older than they should be, mentally. They had really grown up too fast. I just wanted to let them be kids again, which was why they were at camp. 
  • Boys are easier and sweeter than girls. Girls are sneaky, and don’t go to sleep.
  • Kids wet themselves, for a long time. 
  • Don’t assume they can tie their shoe laces
  • Singing loudly along to music that is unsafely loud in a minibus is incredibly freeing. 
  • If you dance and play around enough, they will join you, because it becomes safe to do so.
  • The behind the scenes teams made it work; cleaning, cooking, mending, driving. 

Camp Sky

  • longer, perhaps two weeks.
  • have a uniform
  • punishments would be agreed by everyone at meetings, in the style of Summerhill, or Enid Blyton’s Whyteleafe. 
  • give them responsibility and power, and possibly power tools. Like the Tinkering School
  • mix of ages, like BrightWorks 
  • using creativity like LifeBeat
  • using narrative play, like Teacher Tom
  • include fishing, watersports, hiking, ponies, biking, skating, seaplane flying, pamper room, trampolines, games and building things.

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