Things I’ve Learnt This Year #1

Things I’ve Learnt This Year Number 1 

My Job

  • no task is too hard for you
  • how many cheques are needed in running a household
  • the organisation that children require 
  • on that note, buy in bulk. pritt sticks, soap, drugs. 
  • summer holiday logistics are a nightmare. stay at home. 
  • never lose the slips for watch repairs. you will get the tattooed man who hates your guts, and makes you come back tomorrow. 
  • always ask, people will help you.
  • how my area is a source of potential funding, the web is great. use. 
  • you can speak to anyone, call anyone. even times journalists
  • printer ink is expensive. and don’t buy the wrong one, if you’re buying 5. oops.
  • you need files. so many files. a file for everything. don’t underestimate.
  • if you are self employed, keep every single receipt. oh and file them. 
  • you will need a shredder. shredding scissors will do for now. 
  • photos of your newborns- each baby feels special not just the first one. none of this ‘you did all look very similar’. 
  • memory boxes or books. but don’t go overboard. if your children write you notes saying ‘please don’t put this in my book’ then don’t. 
  • shoes are a nightmare too. even if mini plimsoles do look cute. 
  • delegate as much as possible, husband, kids, anyone. 
  • back up your blackberry, often 
  • hire someone on their gap year to do this crap for you, when you’re rich enough.

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